MIND your Garden

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Ah, gardening. The art of growing and weeding. Today I decided despite my pain to get up off my bum, get outside and get dirty. Dirt therapy is like an active meditation. Well, it is for me.

Something dawned on me while I was pulling (more like fighting with lol) these outrageous overgrown weeds (oops). Our minds, our life really, is very similar to gardening. Stay with me on this and really give it a thought. Gardening is like our minds. Whoa right?!

When the weeds get crazy and continue to grow and grow, they soon take over your garden. The beautiful flowers or vegetables are overcome and entangled or sometimes being strangled. If you don't remove the weeds soon, your beautiful garden will perish.

Same thing happens when we allow negative thoughts to take center stage or allow those negative nellies to crush our dreams. Or when we compare ourselves to other's progress and dwell on our lack of. Those are weeds and it's time to "pull" them out! And replace them with gratitude, positivity and love.

What you sow you shall reap. What you focus on GROWS. The next time you're gardening, put some thought on your "internal garden" and figure out where your weeds are. Chances are there are more than you realize.

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