Just Stop!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Stop saying your (insert healthy thing here) will cure me!

The words are everywhere. "Such and such will cure xyz." "Try this xy and your chronic pain will vanish." "My (friend, neighbor, relative) used yz and felt so much better! I think that's what you need." The list goes on.

Are there natural remedies out there that may help you feel a little better? Sure! Should you / Could you give it a try and possibly use it alongside your current treatment plan?? Yes! Will you be cured? Highly doubt it but I can say there's a 98% chance you'll feel better than you have been.

As a chronic illness warrior myself, I know we all wish for that one cure but sweety there is no magic pill, alternative or complementary treatment that will make all your ailments go away. Having said that, there are things you can do in addition to your daily treatments that will in time help you to feel better, move more, feel happier and just more like you again. You probably already know about them too. Only the way you learned or heard about them turned you off. Let me introduce you to the ways my friend. These have helped me so I'm sharing with you in hopes you find them helpful too.

What is it?

1. Stop listening to everyone around you and start listening to YOU! No one else knows you better than you. Am I right? Place your hand over your heart and ask yourself what you need in this moment. It could be to lay down, rest. Maybe it's to soak in the tub. Or just read your favorite book or to sit and color. Could also be to eat or drink something healthy. Only you will know.

2. Think positive and lose the victim mentality. This is a hard one for many. It isn't easy and sure does not happen overnight but through daily practice it does become easier. Attitude of gratitude any one?

3. Yoga. Yes I know you hurt all over and can't bend yadda yadda. Guess what? Same here. Luckily for us both I found a great online yoga teacher who is a #spoonie herself and teaches us how to do yoga for our bodies. You can check it out at Sleepy Santosha

With this yoga program you can do it in bed or on the couch if you're having a bad flare day. That's what I call a yogi beginner win!

4. Diet. Is the food and drink you consume daily contributing to your body's health or lack of? It's no secret that a diet high in fats and processed sugar is a playground for inflammation and dis-ease. Eating healthier or adding in healthier foods, drinking more water daily will not only help your body but you'll begin to feel better too.

5. Supplements & vitamins. Even if we change our diets to a healthier one our bodies still lack the proper nutrients we need to thrive. The food today is nothing compared to what it use to be 60 - 70 years ago. Toss in a few health issues and our body's are begging for help. I take a daily vitamin that is bioavailable and whole food that contains all the best for you nutrients.

6. Aromatherapy. By way of essential oils, aromatherapy has been shown to help with emotions. From uplifting mood to calming stressful or anxious feelings to being able to ease painful discomforts. With so many essential oil companies out there today it is so easy to get your hands on your favorites. Buyer Beware!! Essential oils are NOT created equally and so you should always do your research to find a reputable company.

Hope these tips were helpful for you and that you give them a try! Remember the next time you come across "the one and only cure" brush it off, do your own research and most importantly do what you feel is best for YOU.


*The contents of this blog are based on my personal experiences, thoughts and opinions. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or diseases. Please consult your physician before starting any alternative or holistic therapies.

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